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qst07.jpgLaura Rad is going to teach you how to unlock your erotic mind and set those dirty thoughts free for the benefit of a better sex life for you and your partner(s).

qst06.jpgToday Kidder explains how you and your partner can use your perineum to improve sexual function, erection size and strength, and quality of orgasm. Even if you don't have a partner, he'll show you how to massage your perineum using a simple self-pleasuring technique.

qst04.jpgIn this Quick Sex Tip Laura Rad teaches you how to properly clean your sex toy after you've had your way with it. Watch this movie and learn how to keep all those sex related creepy crawls off of your sex toys.

qst03.jpgOnly when they are creepy guys who aren't honest about their true intentions. Kidder will explain the whole conundrum in this episode of Sex is Fun's Quick Sex Tip.

qst02.jpgLearn how to make condoms suck less.

We all know that fluid bonded, condom free-sex is the bomb, but limiting your partner potential, catching STIs, and having children can be a real drag. So you've got to use condoms and we'll show you how to use them and make them feel great. You might not even know they are there.

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Kidder Kaper

Kidder has been theorizing and writing about human sexuality since 1993, when he began work on his primary goal: "Teaching the world to be unafraid to enjoy sex."



Lorax runs everything behind the scenes at Sex is Fun. If she's not maintaining the website, gathering articles, or directing art you can find her wakeboarding or snowboarding with her husband.